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Edensave Energy Intelligence

The Hotel Benchmarking tool has evolved into the Edensave Energy Intelligence reporting system that you can read about on our new website You can download sample reports from the website and also find contact details where we would be delighted to talk to you or arrange a demonstration of the system. Powered by Business Intelligence technology, it gives you instant visibility of your energy and water performance and informs you of which buildings and areas in your portfolio offer the most potential for cost savings. Hotel energy and water performance is reported in graphs, dashboards, benchmarks and simple tables so that performance can be understood 'at a glance'.

Previous to building the Edensave Energy Intelligence system, we developed three simple benchmarking reports for hotels taking part in the later phase of the Blue Sky Resort Network project. The reports, which can be accessed via the links below, show the financial, environmental and social performance for those 60 hotels in phase 2 of the project. The reports show a wide variation in both the cost of utilities per room and carbon emissions, and therefore demonstrates the potential for improvement in many hotels.

Click on the link: Financial Overview
Click on the link: Environmental Overview
Click on the link: Social Overview

Financial Overview
A performance overview of all the hotels in the areas of:
-Annual turnover per room
-Average room rate
-Number of guest nights per room per year – (occupancy figures are not recorded in most hotels therefore this value offers an alternative way of comparing how well the hotels did in bookings per room).

Environmental Overview
A performance overview of all the hotels in the areas of:
-Annual cost of gas per room
-Annual cost of electric per room
-Annual cost of water per room
-Annual CO2 emissions per room calculated from the gas and electricity used in the hotel

Social Overview
A performance overview of all the hotels in the areas of:
-Whether the hotels buy local produce and support the local community
-Whether the hotels buy Fairtrade and support communities in the Developing World.

There are other possible social measures such as the amount of donations to the community, customer satisfaction and the amount of staff training, but this information was not obtained from the Blackpool hotels in the project.


Benchmarking Introduction