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Environmental Policy Statement:  The business should display an environmental policy. The policy is a public statement of the company’s commitment towards managing the significant environmental aspects of its operation.

Monthly monitoring: Businesses should record gas, electric and water meter readings on a monthly basis to calculate any cost savings from future energy and water saving measures. Regular measurement also helps with the motivation to closely manage areas of energy and water use. ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’. Other benefits include:
- Quickly identify problems with pipe leakage or faulty electrical equipment
- Identify billing errors
- Identify excessive loads illustrating a need for new investment or staff training

Promote Good Practise: Providing information on energy and water saving encourages guests in their environmental commitment, and reflects the business’s commitment outlined in the publicly displayed environmental policy. Please display information, perhaps in an information folder including:
- Guests asked to switch off appliances, fan heaters and lights before leaving their rooms.
- Boil only the amount of water actually required in kettles when making drinks.
- Avoid leaving televisions in stand-by mode. They use nearly as much energy in stand-by mode as when switched on.
- Close all doors and windows in room when leaving.

Towel Scheme: A towel-exchange notice informs guests that they have a choice as to whether their towels are washed or not, and indicates that towels are only washed if left in the sink or in the shower. This will reduce the amount of towel laundry – and save on water, energy and detergents. For an example card refer to:

Laundry: If a commercial laundry service is used, we recommend that the hotel checks the laundry company has an environmental policy and preferably an environmental management system such as ISO14001. Responsible practise includes managing environmental impacts down the supply chain.

Energy Saving Tips: The Energy Saving Trust’s website ( provides a range of energy saving tips that could be communicated to your guests. The owner could also consider signing up to the Hotel Catering International Management Association’s Government-backed Hospitable Climates energy efficiency programme ( The programme provides free advice and claims to be able to help hotels to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. The programme also provides an on-line energy analysis tool for comparing your premises with hospitality industry norms for energy use.  Hospitable Climates can be contacted on 0208 661 4900.

Environmental Management