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Environmental Review
An Environmental Review is an essential starting point for any company interested in improving its environmental management. The review will give the business a picture of it's current position in relation to energy use, water use, and waste minimisation.

The Environmental Review is a process that systematically assesses all areas of the business that have an environmental impact. A report of environmental performance is produced and includes a benchmarking section that provides key performance indicators on economic, environmental and social measures.

Purpose of the Review
The purpose of the Environmental Review is to give an overview of environmental performance, to recognise existing environmental achievements and to make recommendations to assist the company in better environmental management. The business will be advised on the adoption of an environmental policy statement and the report will highlight any opportunities for improvement in the areas of:

-Compliance with existing or forthcoming environmental legislation
-Potential for reducing costs and improving environmental performance
-Activities which have or may potentially have significant environmental effects

Short and Longer Term Aims
The short term aim of the review is to highlight areas where a business can reduce costs and improve environmental performance.

Longer term aims include implementing an environmental management system like ISO14001 to formalise environmental management procedures and introduce a system of continuous improvement.

Another longer term aim would be to do a feasibility study on increasing resource efficiency through the implementation of micro-generation technologies e.g. solar thermal water heating, and other techniques such as rainwater harvesting to minimise resource use.

Introduction to the Environmental Review Process