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Any waste management strategy will take into account the hierarchy of waste management with a number of things that can be done before recycling.

- Avoid buying disposable products and unnecessary packaging.

- Avoid buying products with excessive packaging
- Buy more durable, long-lasting products
- Buy recycled goods.

- Reuse paper printed on one side only
- Buy container refills
- Use rechargeable batteries
- Reuse grey water (e.g. water from water butt for washing paths outside and watering plants.

Recycle and Compost
- Recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, papers, metal, aluminium and textiles
- Compost grass cuttings and garden waste.


Monitoring: We recommend regular monitoring of waste to ensure waste minimisation strategies are resulting in reduced amounts of waste disposal each month.

Duty of Care Regulations:  All waste removed from the premises is covered by the Duty of Care regulations. These regulations specify that all commercial waste (either for disposal or recycling) must be removed by registered waste carriers; and transfer notes should be completed and retained on file. Any waste contractors used, including the council, should provide the company with a transfer note on a yearly basis. Transfer notes must be retained on file for a minimum of two years.

Hazardous waste: Batteries, engine oil, cooking oil, solvents, paints, old fluorescent tubes and other hazardous wastes must be disposed of with a Special Waste Contractor licensed to take away hazardous waste. One way to reduce the use of solvent based paints is to use natural paints. The benefit of natural paints is also to reduce off-gassing and improve indoor air quality. See or


Recycling: Recycling is good for the environment because it significantly lowers the amount of waste going to landfill, and can reduce waste costs if fewer collections are needed for general waste. We recommend that Blackpool companies contact Emprise ( Tel. 01253 478030) in order to start kerbside recycling of glass, metal tins and aluminium cans. Recycling with Emprise will save money on waste costs as less collections for general waste will be needed.

Paper can be recycled in Blackpool with Upbeat 01253 478024  in the green bags.

In addition to recycling, the use of paper in offices can be reduced by printing paper double sided, and by printing internal documents on paper that has already been printed on one side.


Separate Bins: In order to recycle aluminium cans, glass bottles and metal tins, separate bins could be made available in the kitchen and bar so that these items can be easily recycled.

Compact Metal Tins: In order to compact tins and minimise the number of recycling bin uplifts, the company could consider purchasing a can crusher. A typical can crusher can be wall-mounted and costs approximately £15. See

Soap Dispensers: Refillable liquid soap dispensers can be used in guest rooms instead of soap bars. This minimises waste by not needing to throw away used soap bars after every guest has checked out.

Waste Management