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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit is an engine usually run on gas that generates electricity and produces heat as a by-product. Micro CHP units are normally used for domestic housing.

CHP units produce 60% heat and 25% electricity, are most efficient when operated continuously and are therefore more suitable for businesses that have a large demand for hot water or space heating throughout the year.

Good examples are care homes, hotels, swimming pools and leisure centres. The generation of electricity is much more efficient than that supplied by the National Grid.

We recommend a net metering contract to sell surplus electricity to the national grid
Design the system to meet heat requirement and sell surplus elec. to grid.
Size system to meet base heating load, but need additional boiler to meet peak thermal load.
Therefore usually more economic for buildings such as leisure centre, or swimming pool with high base demand.
If system sized to meet peak demand then you’d have excess heat in summer and they are more efficient if run at max. load continuously, not switched off.
Usually no surplus elec. Generated. But mains elec. Not offset
Domestic hot water provided by central hot water storage tank or by local plate heat exchangers that extract heat from the space heating circuit.
Micro CHP provides domestic hot water and space heating plus some electricity.
Micro CHP good for hard to heat dwellings – solid walls – no loft space. Better than condensing boiler.
With micro, is electric sold to grid or used on site?
Can be used with vegetable oil.



Combined Heat and Power