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Essential Heating Control Systems: Under new building regulations all new or upgraded boiler and heating systems must have:

  1. Separate hot water and heating control from a time clock
  2. A room thermostat
  3. System bypass
  4. Cylinder thermosta
  5. All radiators except the one in the same room as the room stat must have a thermostatic radiator valve.

Heat Recovery Units: We recommend that Heat Recovery Units are used to recover heat from areas that are ventilated like kitchens (kitchen extractor fans), bathrooms and the swimming pools. When these areas are ventilated normally, heat energy is lost through expelled hot air and cold air coming in has to be heated up to room temperature. Heat Recovery Units use a heat exchanger to recover the heat from outgoing air and heat incoming air. They can recover up to 70% of heat that is normally lost.

Sub-metering: We also suggest the implementation of sub-metering to give more detail of where energy and water consumption are going within the business. Consumption can be recorded for individual large loads, for example, in areas with large machinery or to areas where there are many electrical appliances such as music and lighting systems. Sub-metering allows management to identify areas where energy and water is being wasted.

Building Management System (BMS): To reduce the work required in regularly reading sub-meters, sensors can be affixed to meters to allow remote reading by a Building Management System.


Control Systems