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Solar Water Heating uses the sun’s energy to heat water and can supply around 50% of a business’s annual hot water requirement. They are generally more cost effective at saving energy than solar photovoltaic panels.

Plates within evacuated tube collectors, ideally sited on a south-facing pitched roof, absorb heat from the sun and into the system fluid. The heated fluid is pumped into a heating coil within a hot water cylinder that is used for domestic hot water. The system can provide up to 90% of the hot water requirement in summer, less in winter, but over the whole year can supply up to 60% of the hot water demand.

The usefulness of solar hot water heating depends on occupancy. Ideally a sun symbol on the controller will tell occupants when the sun is heating water and therefore is a good time to use washing machine or take a bath.

The system requires a dual coil solar cylinder where one coil uses hot water from the solar tubes to heat the water and the other coil uses hot water from the boiler to supplement the solar heated water. It is therefore a good idea to install a condensing gas boiler to ensure additional hot water is heated efficiently.

Systems can be good for hoteliers because periods of peak sunshine in summer match the increased demand for hot water from occupants.



Solar Thermal Water Heating