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Service: The Edensave review will assess the hotel’s current environmental performance and make recommendations on how to improve environmental efficiency and lower operating costs. Some of the recommendations will be simple housekeeping and low-cost measures, others will involve capital investment and will be accompanied by a projected payback period. Improved practise coupled with innovative ideas can save 10-30% on Gas and Electric, 10-20% on Water and 10-20% on Waste bills, giving CO2 reductions of up to 30%

Scope: The review is comprehensive in its scope and will assess the hotel in the key areas of energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management including:dining room

- Environmental Policy
- Environmental Management
- Best Practise
- Appliances
- Insulation
- Lighting
- Heating and Hot Water
- Cooling and Ventilation
- Control Systems
- Microgeneration e.g. solar
- Water Use
- Financial Assistance (grants)
- Waste Management
- Legislation (e.g. Duty of Care)
- Recycling

Format: The review will involve a comprehensive site survey and completion of a detailed questionnaire. Actual data will be gathered where possible, e.g. by measuring flow rates in taps and showers and by analysing energy usage from utility invoices, in order to obtain an accurate picture of environmental performance and calculate the potential for savings.

Prior to the review a request will be made for copies of electric, gas, water, waste and recycling invoices and on the day, access to all facilities with the hotel engineer will be required.

Output: Two reports will be generated from the review. One will be a summarised checklist of audit points with a brief comment and key performance indicators (KPI’s), the other a detailed reference report with further information, website links and organisations that can help. The reports will be laid out with the same headings to enable easy cross-reference.

Cost: The total cost of the review will depend on the size of the hotel being reviewed. It will include the onsite audit, reports and a free six month follow up review to assist the hotel in the ongoing implementation of report recommendations. The hotel will also be able to contact Edensave in the interim period for assistance with report recommendations.


Environmental Review