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Ian Buckle Sustainable Hotel

Sustainable Hotel is a website run by Edensave Consulting.

Ian Buckle BSc (Hons) MA CDipAF AIEMA is the Principal Consultant and works with businesses to improve energy efficiency, resource efficiency and waste management performance.

Ian has a background in business software consulting, environmental consulting and waste management. He worked in the business software industry for over nine years, implementing software and running training courses at client sites in the UK, Europe and Asia. Ian subsequently worked in a number of roles including waste auditor in the manufacturing and service sector, energy efficiency consultant in the hospitality and manufacturing sectors, and developed a benchmarking tool for corporate responsibility.

Sustainable Hotel works in partnership with industry to deliver energy, water and waste improvements to the hospitality sector. We undertake site audits and assist businesses to reduce energy, water and waste costs. We also work in partnership with manufacturers to implement practical solutions to lower our clients carbon footprint. Recent work includes working with lighting manufacturers to aid councils in meeting their carbon reduction strategies.




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